The Week Ahead: Why Vancouver is immune to mediocrity

Nov 7 2017, 5:54 am

The Week Ahead Podcast returns for its sixth episode. As part of our drive to help better the city’s sportscape and fanscape, we touch on why Vancouver is immune to mediocrity, following another early playoff exit.

You can find Part I of our ‘ Vancouver Fan Experience’ discussion here and Part II here.

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Come on, let’s be real. There’s more going on here than just sports and our anxiety from everything else going on in this town gets brought to the rink or pitch with us every night. Vancouverites have been beaten down with the same garbage over and over that when it comes time to let loose and cheer, we’ve been so tenderized that it’s hard to find the motivation.

Not sure what I’m driving at? Take a listen to the first ten minutes of this week’s episode. If you’re not hooked, we’ll be stunned, but the ultimate goal is to spark a reaction. In our ongoing effort to help build (or at least better) a sports society in this town, we had to tell it like it is.

“To solve a problem, we need to first realize that there is one.” – Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom

So let’s solve the problem Vancouver!

Speaking of resolutions, the Vancouver Whitecaps also have 21 expiring contracts coming up! Former Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit and I chat about the future and what we could expect to see on the old Bell pitch.

Once again, our episode features an #AMA – also known as ‘Ask Me Anything’ – in which we give away another $50 gift certificate to Yagger’s Restaurants and Sports Bars. We ‘Check the Chances’ across the NFL again as well, courtesy of SportsInteraction.

We hit every marquee matchup in the NHL this week while getting into the world’s favourite giveaway. Our ‘Shoot for the Suit’ contest continues, where you can win a FREE custom tailored suit courtesy of Office Pools and Indochino.

We also chat about some alluring matchups this week in the NBA and NCAA college football. And yes, there are some thrilling games coming up on this week’s collegiate schedule!

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