The Week Ahead: BC Lions 'streaker' has a strong case against team

Jun 26 2018, 7:25 am

Let’s call this an “opinion piece”, but at the same time let’s also call this common sense. A 20-something man hops onto a football field and gets popped by a player in full gear. The pantsless BC Lions fan, as ridiculous as it may sound, has a total case here and will likely get paid.

We spoke with James Maledy of LawyersWest LLP on about what the issues are and what this guy could be looking at. We approached the topic from both sides looking at the case of the BC Lions streaker and the team. We then asked James about which side Vegas would be siding with, should this go to court?

The simple answer is, it will get buried and we’ll likely never hear about the case again as it gets settled. However, with that said, all signs are pointing to the BC Lions streaker likely seeing some green after taking a defenceless hit. A smack that has also allegedly led to some brain trauma, which is kind of the main issue here.

Now, like it or not, any form of concussion (mild or worse) is a traumatic brain injury (aka a TBI). With that said, please stop lighting up social media about how it sounds so overdramatic. It isn’t. It’s a brain injury and that’s how it’s referred to in the medical world.

In other words, the guy who really shouldn’t be defined as a streaker because he wore boxers, definitely has a leg to stand on here.

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