The Weather Network releases Vancouver's long-term summer forecast

May 24 2017, 5:52 pm

Well, after a long, wet spring, it’s safe to say that summer is finally around the corner.

While Vancouver has been experiencing this tease of sunshine and warmth, The Weather Network is forecasting a changeable weather pattern throughout the season, but one that includes a warmer than usual west coast summer.

“One of the themes that we have across the country is to expect a changeable summer,” said the Weather Network’s Dr. Doug Gillham. “It’s not a summer where most areas will truly lock into a pattern.”

But The Weather Network is forecasting warmer than normal temperatures for BC.

“The summer as a whole will be warmer than normal, well deserved after the winter and spring they’ve had,” Dr. Gillham told Daily Hive from Ontario.

In terms of “normal,” it’s the temperatures closest to the monthly average. And for Vancouver’s upcoming summer, this means summer days will be close to and above the low 20°C range. This average high is for the City of Vancouver, and will vary across the province based on distance from the water and elevation, said Dr. Gillham.

Anyone sick of the rain will be happy to know that summer is by far the driest season. The Weather Network is calling for near normal rainfall over the summer months, which averages between 30-40 mm in July and August.

Dr. Gillham said Vancouver should expect a generally dry summer, with low wild fire threat.

“While we are starting the summer pretty low wild fire threat, because of the wet winter and the wet spring, as we go through the summer, BC will dry out. That’s what happens most years,” he said. “We expect the wild fire threat to return some what as the season progresses.”

So campers, be mindful of that later this summer.

For those who do like this week’s heat,  Vancity will have warmer than normal temperatures, but the summer won’t be excessively hot. So enjoy this while it lasts.

Regardless of the longterm weather pattern, we’re just really excited for summer at this point.

Just don’t expect it not to be a bit of a ride when it does arrive.

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