8 ways to sleep through the heat

Dec 19 2017, 11:54 pm

Even though we haven’t earned a siesta, summer time heat can cause the heaviest sleeper to move restlessly all through the night.

Luckily, we have some tips for those struggling for a good night’s sleep.

Egyptian Method

Temperatures in Egypt will be hitting a high of 40 this week. So who better to trust?

The Egyptian Method is when you wet a large sheet or a bath towel, one big enough to cover your bed, and use it as a blanket. There’s no need to have the sheet soaked, you just want it damp and cool.


If you take a tepid shower before bed, it will cool down your body temperature. Even on a regular day, showering before bed can help you sleep better.

Wipe hands, face and feet with wet cloth

If you don’t have time to shower before bed or if you prefer showers in the morning, wetting your face, hands and feet can feel euphonic. Keep a damp cloth by your bedside throughout the night.

Alternatively, you can also soak your feet in cold water before you hit the hay – it’ll cool you down. Better yet, keep a bucket full of cold water next to your bed for a quick soak if you wake up.

Set up a fan flow

Most people set up the fan to blow air into their rooms, this is a mistake. You should position your fan to blow air out. Having the fan suck hot air and blow it outside your window will allow room for fresh and cooler air to come through from the rest of the house.

Wear Cotton

Whether you wear it or invest in some cotton bed sheets, it’s the finest fabric to have for sleep. Cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable and wicks moisture whereas polyester is a synthetic fiber that does not absorb water and traps moisture and heat.

Stripping down naked while you sleep might actually make you feel hotter, because there is nothing between you and your bed sheet to allow moisture from your skin to evaporate. The breathable fabric is perfect if you need a little chill.

Keep curtain and window closed

It’s also better to keep your window closed throughout the day. You should only open it after sundown.

Keeping your windows shut and your lights off when you’re out will also cool down your room.

Place a wet towel in front of your window

If you place a cold wet towel in front of your window, the air will cool down as it enters through into your home. You can also place an ice pack or a bowl of ice in front of your fan for the same effect.

Spread out

Get as far as you can from the one you love; cuddling or being in close proximity can heat up the bed space. The best way to sleep is in the ‘spread eagle’ pose so that none of your limbs touch, which allows your body to breathe.

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