5 game changers to turn your wedding into the best party ever

Dec 19 2017, 6:06 pm

Weddings are a celebration but sometimes the party atmosphere is not as good as it could be. Maybe the music isn’t conducive to getting the majority of your guests up on the dance floor or perhaps guests are spending more time lining up for the bar then they are mingling and dancing. There are many factors that contribute to throwing a good party and we think we’ve nailed a few of the key considerations:

1. Master of Ceremonies

Your MC is responsible for setting the tone of the night and guiding your guests through the planned festivities. We find that the best MCs are those that know the wedding party and families of the bride and groom quite well. This gives them ample material so they can reference past stories and crack a few jokes to both command the audience and lighten the mood.

2. Disc Jockey and music selection

A good DJ knows how to read their audience. If a genre or song isn’t resonating and getting the party started they should know to switch gears. A seasoned DJ will also steer clear of songs that will kill the party atmosphere (yes, Nirvana is great but not exactly danceable). It’s also crucial for your DJ to appeal to their mass audience by playing oldies and wedding favourites earlier in the night. You and your friends might love EDM dance music but our advice is to save music geared to the younger ground for the end of the night so you don’t alienate the older guests earlier on.



3. Adequate bars and prime positioning

Drinking and dancing tend to go hand in hand in which case there should be at least one bar in close proximity to the dance floor. Positioning bars far away from the dancing area will segment your guests. It’s also important to ensure you have enough bars and bartenders to support your guest count. As a rule of thumb, you should have one bartender for every 75 to 100 guests. Too few bartenders will result in long bar lines for your guests, which means less time for them to be enjoying the party.

4. Get dinner, speeches and milestones checked off the list early

The earlier you do dinner, speeches and other milestones like the first dance, the more time you’ll save for partying later on. This is especially relevant if your venue shuts down as early as midnight. Plus your guests and wedding party in particular will be much more energetic later if they’re fed and get their speeches out of the way early on.

5. Set up the perfect party floor plan

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to get everyone to dance but you can optimize the party atmosphere as much as possible but situating a lounge area near the dance floor. This is the perfect way to get the non-dancers out of their dinner table seat to be apart of the party. Your lounge can be a simple as setting up a few high-top tables to a more elaborate seating area consisting of a few couches, chairs and a coffee table. It’s also key that you have a proportionate dance floor. Lean towards a smaller intimate dance space instead of a large area which can be more intimidating for some guests, especially if it’s centered in the room.



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