Warm fall results in Vancouver's kitten population to boom

Nov 16 2016, 8:26 am

The unseasonably warm temperatures sweeping Metro Vancouver this fall have resulted in a troubling phenomenon for people working in the rescue community: an explosion of homeless cats and kittens.

Traditionally, “kitten season” starts as the mercury rises in the spring and slows down in the fall. But with the weather being so mild, the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue says it’s still regularly receiving many pregnant cats, cats with kittens and orphaned kittens.

So far the group has taken in more than 130 mamas with 545 kittens, and that’s not counting the kittens coming in on their own.

This population explosion means the rescue is bursting at the seams with great animals looking for a good home.

VOKRA currently has 120 cats available, including 80 kittens, and another 430 “coming soon.”

Squirt (VOKRA).

Squirt (VOKRA)

Kittens range in age from 10 weeks to 12 months, but don’t rule out getting an adult if you’re thinking of adoption, says VOKRA’s Tasha Bukovnik.

“We have cats of all ages with diverse personalities so there’s something for everyone. They have all different kinds of markings and colours,” Bukovnik tells Daily Hive.

VOKRA encourages pet parents to consider adopting a pair of kittens instead of a single animal, because these curious creatures are highly social and benefit from having a buddy.

Interested adopters can fill out an application on the VOKRA website and its adoption counsellors will help to find purrfect matches. All of the adoptable kitties are currently available on their website.

Adoption fees range from $75 to $180.

If you love kitties, make sure to follow VOKRA on Instagram.

Here are some of the great felines looking for a home right meow:

Grayce (VOKRA).

Grayce (VOKRA)

Skittles (VOKRA).

Skittles (VOKRA)

Pinstripe (VOKRA).

Pinstripe (VOKRA)

Liyana (VOKRA).

Liyana (VOKRA)

Lionel and Sesam (VOKRA).

Lionel and Sesam (VOKRA)

King and Louis (VOKRA).

King and Louis (VOKRA)

Grizzy (VOKRA).

Grizzy (VOKRA)

Brugo (VOKRA).

Brugo (VOKRA)

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