Walnutte Scarves Tutorial

Dec 19 2017, 8:31 pm

As Vancouver welcomes the rainy weather once again this Fall, here are some simple tips to spice up your fall wear with one of the staple pieces found in everyone’s wardrobe: SCARVES!


I got the opportunity to catch up with an upcoming scarf designer; Roshena Minnes of a new scarf line known as Walnutte. Her scarves are uniquely designed and named, each design drawing inspiration from other forms of artwork such as paintings. Her scarves can be used in various different ways from the neck, to the head, to using it as a dress by tying two scarves together! Pretty neat way to stay thrifty, yet fashionable.


Check out these few ways of playing with what you’ve got through these tutorial videos.

The Modern Loop and CowGirl Tie

[youtube id=”LHTaekI5slo”]

The Head Scarf

[youtube id=”iP2OgVQF68c”]

Belt Variation

[youtube id=”mIpEqLZTOVY”]

Halter Top

[youtube id=”6coCd44crf4″]

1.    What is the story behind your brand/designs?

One of my passions is to create, and this whole adventure started when I decided to try a new creative project. I was hand painting large sheets of silk in bright colours. It was so invigorating to experiment with different dyes and techniques. I decided to wear the silk as a scarf, and whenever I did, people would ask me where they could get one too. Their excitement made me realize that I wanted to develop the idea into something bigger so that other people could share in that joy.

2.    Why the name Walnutte?

It plays on the idea that appearances don’t always give the whole picture. From the outside, a walnut appears tough, but once you crack the shell, you’ll see that it’s actually delicate. How we dress on the outside is a powerful tool to communicate how we feel inside. What we’re trying to achieve with Walnutte is to help people express themselves.

3.    Are scarves versatile and how did you get the inspiration to start a line just for scarves?

Scarves are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Scarves always fit, they can be worn year round, and they add polish to your outfit.

They’re also very practical. When it’s chilly out, or the AC is blasting at the office, simply throw on a scarf. And because silk is a breathable, natural fibre, it can keep you cool too.

I always bring a scarf or two with me when I travel, which I love to do. I try to pack only a carry-on, with pieces in a coordinated, neutral palette that can be mixed and matched. Then I’ll add a scarf for a pop of colour. Scarves are also a cozy companion for the plane ride!

Introducing Walnutte

4.    How did you come up with all these different variations to wearing scarves?

I’m constantly inspired by the creative women around me – family, friends, even strangers on the street. It’s fun to see everyone put their own spin on wearing a scarf.

5.    What is your go-to scarf style?

I like to mix it up! Sometimes I’ll go casual and just loop it around my neck and let the ends fall, or I’ll make different knots. It depends on the outfit and my mood. I like to use our scarves as a head wrap, and I’ve also been draping it around my neck and belting it, which works great with dresses.

6.    Where do you get the fabric used for your scarves?

One of the most challenging aspects of starting Walnutte was sourcing the fabrics. Quality is extremely important to me, so it took time to make sure we found the right partners to work with. The best silk we found is woven in Hangzhou, which is well known as the Capital of Silk. For our Reflections collection, we chose the timeless, lightweight silk chiffon. It’s so soft and lets your skin breathe. To me, it feels like a hug.

7.    The colours on your scarves resemble a tie-dye effect, only better. With fall coming, what colours should we look out for?

This fall, we’re seeing lots of vibrant colours. Our Majestic Horizons scarf features bright purples and pinks. We’ve got deep blues and also lighter pastels on our Upper Glass scarf. Greens are really strong right now, and our Tropical Illusionscarf is a great way to dip your toes in that trend. And the classic black and white combo of our Whispered Musings scarf will always have a place in your wardrobe.


8.    How can we purchase your scarves?

The Reflections collection is currently available for purchase on our website, www.walnutte.com. And we’re offering free shipping to customers in Canada and the US!


To watch the entire video in full, head on to Obsessive Trend Invitation www.otisamantha.com

Videography by Jon Bantados 

Images thanks to Walnutte. 

Instagram: @Walnutte






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