Walmart Canada commits to zero food waste by 2025

Apr 23 2018, 3:24 pm

Walmart Canada has rolled out a plan to eliminate food waste by its Canadian operations by 2025.

The big box retail chain announced its commitment to zero food waste in a news release and outlined a strategy which includes discounting ugly produce, reducing over-production, implementing organic recycling programs, staff training, increasing food donations to local food banks and food rescue programs, and providing philanthropic support for food waste innovation.

“We are stepping up in the fight against food waste and hunger,” said Lee Tappenden, president and CEO, Walmart Canada. “I’m very proud of our comprehensive, 360-degree approach to tackle these issues. In addition to the Walmart Foundation’s significant funding, Walmart Canada’s operational initiatives, food donations and philanthropy will help to further reduce food waste and food insecurity in Canada.”

In addition to committing $1 million to Food Banks Canada for their 2018 Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign, the Walmart Foundation will provide “philanthropic capital” to the tune of $19 million for not-for-profit organizations such as Second Harvest,, Daily Bread Food Bank, Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society, University of Guelph, Recycling Council of Ontario, and Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Provision Coalition for “research and innovative initiatives to reduce food waste all along the food chain.”

“The Walmart Foundation is committed to being part of the solution on the important issue of food waste in Canada. We are excited to support these outstanding organizations pursuing innovative and effective initiatives all along the food chain,” said Kathleen McLaughlin, president of the Walmart Foundation and chief sustainability officer for Walmart. “As a business, Walmart believes the value-maximizing strategy is the one that creates shared value – value for customers, business and society – by strengthening systems we all rely on. We hope today’s announcements will help accelerate momentum and inspire even more collective action to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger in Canada.”

Canada is responsible 13 million tonnes of food wasted or lost per year according to a recent report by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.


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