Pumpkin spice lattes won't quite do it: 4 reasons to stay hydrated this fall

Sep 22 2016, 5:35 pm

Let’s face it – summer’s over and fall is here. And with that, we find ourselves bombarded with an assortment of delightfully hot drinks unattainable in the warm summer months.

Lured by pumpkin spice lattes and steaming mugs of earl grey tea, it’s easy for us to forget the liquid that started it all. But we shouldn’t.

Water is the most important part of our diet – without it we’d die in three days. And unlike desert or marine animals, we need more than what we get in our food.

In the summer, it’s easy to remember to drink our fair share since it’s hot and we’re sweating. The liquid pouring off our bodies is a good reminder to refuel with some cool liquid of our own. But in the fall, when the incessant rain makes us spurn any more moisture, it’s more difficult.

To inspire us to pull out that water bottle, here are four reasons we should drink H20 during the changing season.


It’s good for your skin

The old wives’ tale that drinking water can give you a glowing complexion? Not an old wives’ tale anymore.

Our skin is 64 per cent water, and we need to keep that percentage up. Dehydrated skin shows off its wrinkles and pores while acne is more common as the skin can’t protect itself against invasive particles.

Moisturizers can help, especially if you apply them right after your shower or bath, but they only deal with the top layers of skin. To hydrate your skin from the outside in, you need water. Drink it in small amounts throughout the day so your body can actually absorb it. On the other hand, if you drink too much it will leave your body without doing any good.

It keeps your breath fresh



Fall is the perfect time get close with those significant others – we all want some extra body heat, after all. But if your mouth doesn’t smell good, the situation’s going to get a lot less cozy. Anyone have some gum?

The problem is that breath mints or gum merely cover up the problem. Our mouths need moisture to function properly – drinking water throughout the day will help clear away bacteria and keep it fresh.

If you’re craving the flavours you get from gum and mints, try adding other ingredients to your water. A couple slices of lemon will make your mouth feel fresh, while a bit of muddled mint will add coolness to your drink. These can also hide the flavour of poor quality tap water – but there are other ways to make your water taste better.

It wards off illness



Sure it’s obvious, but being hydrated has more than just beauty benefits. It keeps your whole body running smoothly, especially as the weather gets colder. In cold, dry air, your body can become dehydrated quickly, leaving you weak and susceptible to illness. Water helps flush toxins through your lymph nodes – the place where you keep your disease-fighting cells. As a result, you immune system stays stable.

Keeping a bottle of water by your bed gives you easy access to hydration for the most inconvenient times. After all, no one wants to leave their warm covers in the middle of the night to get a glass of water.

It just tastes good

Drinking water

Drinking water/Shutterstock

Yes, we haven’t been able to wait for pumpkin spice everything. And yes, the fall flavours of cinnamon, apple, nutmeg, and vanilla are calling to us so strongly that it seems impossible to resist.

But water tastes good too – throwing a few pieces of tropical fruit into your water bottle can bring back memories of summer when the rain and snow drive them away. And it can even taste good without anything at all. If it doesn’t taste good on its own, you could have minerals leaking into your water through your pipes. Or, you could be sensitive to chemicals like chlorine that could be present in the water supply.

Using a home filtration system like the WA-2! H Series will make you enjoy drinking water on its own. The system is discreet and easy to use – filters only need to be replaced once a year, and the whole contraption is hidden under the sink.

With a the WA-2! H Series, you can enjoy all the benefits of staying hydrated this fall while actually enjoying the water itself.

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