VPD report reveals the cruel ways Asian Vancouver residents have been targeted

Jan 17 2023, 8:56 pm

A VPD report that has been released thanks to a Records Access Request reveals numerous ways Asian Vancouver residents have been targeted in hate crimes.

Reports include suspected hate crimes, as well as the neighborhood where the incidents took place in. The cases date back to March 11, 2020.

The report also specifies the gender of each victim in each case.

Many of the offences occurred in and around the downtown Vancouver core.

In one case, an Asian victim was riding her bike in Stanley Park when an unknown suspect threw a rock that hit her bike, and she was told to “go back to China.”

A separate case, an apparent road rage incident, saw one person tell an Asian male victim to “get away from Vancouver.”

In some of the cases, victims were assaulted.

The VPD report says that on Pender Street, a suspect entered a shop and made racial and homophobic slurs “and also spit at the victim.”

In another case, a victim was walking when she was hit in the back of the head with a pole and told to “go back to China.”

Many of the instances of racism are graphic and vulgar in nature.

For example, a business received an email saying, “f*ck you immigrant sh*t, you are inferior third-world trash.”

Out of the hundreds of reports, numerous Asian residents were told to go back to China or their own country. There were also numerous complaints involving someone being called the C-word. Others received threats of physical violence.

Anti-Asian hate is a problem for the VPD

In the fall of last year, a Vancouver police report suggested that there had been a “six-fold increase” in anti-Asian hate crimes.

While you’ve likely seen stories of high-profile cases revolving around Vancouver Chinatown, the report that VPD released detailing specific instances highlights the fact that these anti-Asian hate crimes are occurring all over the city.

Despite efforts by the VPD to increase community awareness and facilitate the reporting of hate crimes, VPD statistics under-estimate the true extent of the problem.

Last year’s report also suggests that Asian victims are less likely to report victimization to the police than other victims. Research done at the academic level indicates that this is true.

To see the full report, click here.

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