4 fun facts in honour of National Tequila Day

Jul 24 2020, 3:00 pm

A lot of people associate tequila with a wild night.

But tequila is so much more than an easy shooter, or an accompaniment for a fun night out. It is rich in flavour, meticulously crafted, and grounded in tradition. And if you don’t think so, it’s probably because you haven’t tried the right one.


In celebration of National Tequila Day, we’ve partnered with Volcan Tequila to demonstrate the depth and sophistication of this iconic spirit. It is cultivated by generations of jimadores, whose dedication and craftsmanship can be experienced with each and every sip. As we enjoy the sweet summer heat, what better time to savour the rich and delicate flavours of tequila? Below are a few fun facts that you may not know!

Tequila must be produced in Mexico in order to be classified as one

Much like how champagne must come from the region of Champagne in France, in order to be considered authentic tequila it must be produced in Jalisco, Mexico. 

Born from agave

Tequila cannot be made without agave. Volcan Tequila’s agave plants are grown in the shadow of a volcano. The eruption of that volcano shaped the terrain and created fertile soil, rich with ash. Over millennia, the basalt and iron in the soil resulted in rich flavours like fresh mint, citrus tones, and spices; imparting these flavours to the plants themselves. Each agave plant ripens for 3,250 days before it is harvested.

Tequila is meant to be sipped and not taken as a shot

One hundred per cent of agave tequila is meant to be sipped, without the use of salt and lime to mask the taste. For example, Volcan Tequila Blanco has a blend of herbal, citrus, with fruity notes of cherry, pear, and peach. Whereas Volcan Tequila Cristalino has notes of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate creating a unique deep flavour. By blending highland and lowland agave, Volcan creates a complex, elegant, and extraordinary liquid.

Volcan Tequila

There is a type of tequila that will not give you a hangover

Blanco tequila is 100% pure agave and does not contain any sugars or corn syrup which is notorious for hangovers. 

But what makes Volcan Tequila so special?

Volcan Tequila

200,000 years ago, a volcano erupted, creating an ideal growing grounds for agave—one of the main ingredients in tequila. The specific blue watered weber agave takes on average 8 to 12 years to ripen. When it’s ready, it’s harvested by true and authentic agave farmers, called Jimadores. 

From there, the agave is brought to the Volcan a distillery. The provenance of the Agave will determine the process; Highlands Agave will be cooked in a modern autoclave, crushed with a modern welding machine, and then fermented in still tanks. Lowlands Agave will be roasted in a traditional Horno, then the Pinas will be crushed in a traditional Tahona and finally transferred to wooden barrels tanks for slow fermentation. 

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Overall, tequila is an unparalleled spirit and a must-have for your at-home bar cart. Selecting the right tequila takes the same attention to detail and results in the same pay-off as selecting a perfect bottle of wine. With its sophisticated, complex, and elegant taste, you’ll never look at tequila the same way again.

Volcan Tequila is available at most liquor stores. This affordable yet luxurious tequila could, and should, be your go-to summer drink.

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