Haunted Vancouver: Vogue Theatre

Dec 19 2017, 5:10 am

Built in 1941, the Vogue Theatre has long been a popular venue for concerts, plays and performers. The theatre is also known to be home to two spirits, one of a dapper man and another of which very little is known. Both ghosts have been reportedly spotted several times by attendees, workers and even a performer – prompting them to cut their performance short.

One of the spirits is said to be of a man who likes to make his presence known throughout the theatre. Most descriptions claim to be of a tall, narrow-faced individual dressed in a long cream-coloured dinner jacket. His presence has been felt in the basement’s narrow corridor, underneath the stage.

In 1995, a performer (who shall remain unnamed) was on stage doing a tap dance routine. The performer claims to have seen the apparition of the well-dressed man, under the exit sign to the left. Shocked by this and the sudden disappearance of the ghost, the performer cut his routine short and left the stage. The next day a technician also claimed to see the same apparition. The dapper ghost is described to be in his mid-thirties, clean shaven with short dark hair.

No one knows who the apparition is. Was it a performer who passed on and still longs to perform in front of a crowd? Perhaps, a worker or an attendee? One will never know.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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