A lot of Canadians thought Hollywood star Viola Davis was on the new $10 bill

Mar 9 2018, 3:16 pm

Yesterday, Canada unveiled a historic new $10 bill that featured the first Canadian woman, Viola Desmond.

In 1946 Desmond, who was a successful businesswoman, refused to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre, and was jailed and fined as a result. Her court case was the first known legal challenge against racial segregation brought forth by a black woman in Canada.

And Canadians were REALLY excited about this new bill.

Did you happen to notice something about those tweets?

A lot of Canadians are confusing American Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis for Viola Desmond because they have the same first name.

It’s true, Davis is a modern-day Hollywood legend. But she’s American and although she’s amazing in How to Get Away With Murder, that’s probably not a good enough reason for the Bank of Canada to feature her on our new $10 bill.

However, Desmond is a true Canadian icon and has paved the way for civil rights in Canada. Out of 26,000 nominations of iconic Canadians, Desmond was chosen to be on our new bill. She even has her own Heritage Minute, which you can watch to learn more about how she stood up to fight racial injustice and inequality.

So remember its Desmond not Davis. Both women are great but only one is on our new $10 bill!

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