Vikram Vij reveals name for new restaurant

Dec 19 2017, 11:36 am

Famed Vancouver chef and restaurateur Vikram Vij has unofficially revealed the name of his next local eatery.

Things seem to never stay static in the culinary world of Vij, who is currently enjoying the success of his recently-debuted Surrey restaurant My Shanti. The eponymous Vij’s on W 11th is poised for a move to Cambie Street later this year, and the “old” Vij’s set to evolve into something new. But what?

While he isn’t giving us a taste of what we can expect at the new restaurant, he did explain to Eater that it is based on an idea he’s had since childhood.Riffing on the notion of a young Vikram at the stove comes the concept’s name: Mian Bawarchi, which Vij explains means “Sir Cook” in Hindi–it’s what his grandmother used to call him.

In an interview with Eater, Vij says he’s really planning to wow his diners at Mian Bawarchi:

“People will either say Vikram is brilliant or totally crazy […] I want it to be a big surprise and for people to say, ‘What the hell happened here?!'”

Mian Bawarchi might be a mouthful at first, but “bawarchi” has solid roots in Indian culture, and in the global restaurant world, for certain. Bawarchi is the name of a website for Indian cooking, a 1972 Indian film about family and food, and multiple restaurants from London to Los Angeles.

Featured photo: Vikram Vij via Facebook