Vigneault slams Ron MacLean; defends Burrows

Dec 19 2017, 12:01 pm

Alain Vigneault was on CBC After Hours and, boy, could you hear the fire in his voice. He called out Ron MacLean for vilifying Burrows in a segment with Colin Campbell that aired before the game. After having watched that segment you knew MacLean and CBC were definitely in bed with the NHL. AV then proved there was circumstantial evidence in the Auger fiasco. Actually, one point that wasn’t even mentioned was the fact that Burrows did indeed tell the bench right after Auger threatened him. He told Andrew Raycroft specifically. The NHL argued there was no reaction from Burrows and he didn’t tell anybody immediately after. Obviously, they didn’t do a great job of investigating.

This really just makes you think… Ok, I’ll give the Toronto media the benefit of the doubt on one point. Yes, they don’t get to catch many Canucks games ’cause they’re past their bedtime. But c’mon, if you don’t know much about Burrows, keep your mouth shut. And don’t compare him to Sean Avery, please. Burrows is a pest, but not an a-hole. He works hard and is actually highly skilled, and dives infrequently.

This debacle is just another reason to hate the centre of the universe.

By the way, notice the wink by Auger at 5:37 in the video above? (Auger: I got you!)

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