Man climbs Victoria's Goldstream Trestle in heart stopping video

Jul 4 2016, 8:27 pm

Another day, another dangerous climb.

Urban climber Joseph McGuire is back at it again with another video, and this time he’s scaling the Goldstream Trestle, located just outside of Victoria.

You might remember McGuire from the time he fell nine metres while climbing the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – an incident that left him with permanent damage in his right arm – but it hasn’t stopped him from doing one last climb before retirement.

“I was getting injured a lot, I was getting arrested and stuff, so I thought it was about time to quit,” he tells Daily Hive.

McGuire says he’s been arrested or detained six times for his climbing adventures. The most notable climb he’s done to date is the Trump Tower on Georgia Street.

For McGuire, the fascination with climbing started from a young age – he says he simply never grew out of it. It seems, however, that the itch to climb to dangerous heights has been finally been scratched.

“I’d like to encourage people not to do it. It’s very dangerous, and people do it for the wrong reasons,” says McGuire.

Check out McGuire’s final heart stopping climb above.