You can still get unlimited Canadian train travel for 2 months for $700 this summer

Mar 30 2017, 8:39 pm

Good job, Canada.

You officially broke the internet when VIA Rail announced its $150 Youth Pass for July.

And since sales for the most-wanted pass are already sold out, you should know that there’s still another option for you to explore this land of ours on the train this summer.

Youth (up to 25 years) can still get an unlimited travel pass, but with a few more restrictions. VIA Rail’s regular Youth Summer Pass is still available and will allow you to travel for 60 consecutive days between May 15 and August 31 for $700.

Think of a backpacking trip, but within your own country. All you have to do is choose where you want to travel, and then select the pass which allows you to travel anywhere on the VIA network.

VIA Rail

Perhaps it’s quite a bit more than the Canada 150 pass, but hey, at least this one is still available.

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