Vancouver’s Plans for North East False Creek (NEFC)

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am

>Most of the people in the development community are well aware that city council has been reviewing the land known as North East False Creek (NEFC) for quite some time now. Last year our great Premier announced the BC Place renovations and the possible relocation of the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) at the current Plaza of Nations site.

Here is what the city has envisioned of the area:

  • If the VAG is to relocate in NEFC, then it will need to expand just a tad to the north (which is land owned by bland tower builders Concord Pacific)
  • The area will be the sports, special event and festival hub for Vancouver.
  • Create additional job space as per the Metro Core Jobs and Economy Study (approx 1. 8 million sq ft.)
  • Civic Plaza, this is something that Vancouver lacks right now, I mean we have the VAG but that isn’t big enough.
  • Tower heights will be lower towards the water, lets hope we see some architectural gems in some of these towers.
  • A revision of the noise bylaw, so the NIMBY’s can’t complain about stadium noise. I think they are going to name the revision “Remember you live next to a fucking stadium” bylaw or something to that effect.
  • City owned land under the viaduct will be converted for hard surface recreation such as roller hockey and basketball.
  • Approximately 7500 residents will occupy the 4 million sq. ft. of residential floor area. 20% of which will be for affordable housing. This area is not aimed at attracting families.

NEFC is the one of the last remaining parcels of land slated for mass development. Lets hope that they build an architectural marvel that will be known as the Vancouver Art Gallery. BC Place will have a brand new look to it and with the addition of jobs, cafe’s, public and retail, you should expect to see some life in this neighbourhood. Right now NEFC is dead unless there is a concert or sporting event to attend.

As with any development there will be issues that need to be worked out. One of the issues is the Dragon Boat Festival. Will the organizers of the event be happy about this development? What about the street network, how will that be reconfigured? What will the Edgewater Casino be called, since it no longer will be located on waters edge?


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