Vancouver's first candy food truck, The Candy Meister features authentic German candies (PHOTOS)

Dec 19 2017, 6:34 pm

Who can steal your heart with just a little drop?

The Candy Meister can…The Candy Meister can.

There’s no doubt that Henning Wehke is a charming Candy Man, he’ll be sure to tempt your sweet tooth with an offer to try unlimited candies until you find the one you like!

Vancouver’s first and only candy food truck, The Candy Meister is a local candy van that sells sweets on wheels, originally from Germany, the trio: Max Szelies, Elisa Koeppen, and Henning Wehke travel around Vancouver selling their authentic candies.

Wehke, The Candy Meister’s Brand Marketing and Operations Manager said that, “Max started the van as a project, a one time thing and because of the success at the annual Christmas Market featuring gluten-free candies, we’re giving the people what they want.”

With over 30 flavours of fruits and herbal sweets to try it’ll be hard to resist sampling more than a few.


Germany is famous for their traditional hard candies that have natural herb extracts and flavours, where some of the recipes are over 100 years old. The Candy Meister incorporates traditional candy making techniques and is sure to use only the finest of ingredients before its wrapped up and put on the shelves.

“I didn’t know anything about gluten-free candies and corn syrup allergies before we started, and every day we learn something new, so we put up signs more signs advertising our gluten-free candies,” said Wehke.

The van sells two main kinds of candies including hard textured and soft and chewy fruit flavoured ones that are imported from a manufacturer in Berlin. The sweets that are sold are free from gluten, dairy and corn syrup promising a ‘natural’ sweet experience.


Wehke says that some of their manufacturers hand make their candies and don’t rely on machinery to produce their old fashioned sweets – they use traditional methods such as using copper kettles to cook the dense paste that then forms their delicious candies.

In Germany, the only way for people to get their hands on these products is by making a trip down to the pharmacy or local vendors.

Last week, The Candy Meister was located on the corner of 11 W Broadway, and was buzzing with curious passersby wondering what the van had in store.


Wehke explained that people walk by and see the candies but are unsure of what it tastes like, so they like letting people sample the sweets before them buy them so they know what they’re taking home.

“Sometimes we give someone a candy, and then they walk away and after five minutes they come back and curiously ask, ‘What was that, it was good.'”

The ginger flavoured hard candy is their specialty, and people love it because it’s one that isn’t readily available on shelves, but liquorice is by for the most popular and is their best selling candy.

The Candy Meister is up for business year round and caters to the Greater Vancouver Region and you can find their featured locations on their site map.

Since January of this year, The Commercial-Broadway street is now home to the candy van, and the response they have received is unbelievable, especially from the Europeans – they love it.

Wehke said, “The herbal candies are really nice to drop in tea, which not only sweetens it but adds a little flavour of the candy.”


You can find The Candy Meister on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out how some of The Candy Meister’s sweets are made:

[youtube id=”FDbH4U2P1JY”]


Photos by: Roshini Sakhrani

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