Vancouver Wins Chinese Food Gold!

Dec 19 2017, 12:03 pm


According a recent Conde Nast article Vancouver can now officially lay claim to having the best Chinese Food in the whole entire world. Mind you that is a pretty big claim to make but for us Vancouverites it may not come as such a shock, afterall, we are a foodie city and we live in the best city in the world . Boasting aside,  a claim such as this is highly subjective, nonetheless I think this just validates what spoiled diners of Vancouver already knew.

Forget about dumpling hunting in San Francisco. Cancel that pilgrimage to Flushing, Queens, for fish ball soup. If it’s Chinese food you’re after, pack your chopsticks for Vancouver—and say a silent thanks to geopolitics as your plane lands. It was 1997’s repatriation of Hong Kong that began the mass influx of Chinese to British Columbia’s lower mainland, a migration which continues to this day, fueled in part by Canada’s immigrant-friendly policies. Today, almost one in five of Vancouver’s two million residents is ethnically Chinese.

Combine those demographics with the city’s legendary seafood and you have the recipe for an outsize number of extremely good Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Szechuan restaurants. According to local Chinese food critic and writer Stephanie Yuen—who was born in Hong Kong and has eaten extensively there, in mainland China, and in Taiwan—Vancouver is home to the best Chinese food in the world. Period. Perhaps that explains why visitors from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have started showing up in Vancouver just to eat the food they so love. Maybe it’s time you did likewise.[source]

I suddenly have a hankering for some dumpling. What are some of your favourite Chinese food joints in this city?

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