Vancouver gas prices to hit record high this weekend

Oct 11 2018, 8:04 pm

It’s shaping up to be a pricey weekend at the gas pumps for drivers in Vancouver.

And the rupture in the natural gas pipeline in Prince George is to blame.

That’s according to industry analyst Dan McTeague of

He told Daily Hive the incident affects all Pacific Northwest (PNW) refineries, as the pipeline is the feedstock the refineries use to operate their plants.

“Without it, their output is curtailed,” he added. “That has caused a 30-cent-a-gallon increase in PNW market gas prices, which in turn is leading to a 4 cent/litre hike at the pumps for Vancouver drivers tomorrow.”

But it doesn’t end there.

McTeague said Friday’s price hike will be followed by another two to three cent hike for Saturday.

“That could put us on course to gas prices going to 161.9 cents/litre tomorrow and then up another two cents to 163.9,” he noted.”That would be a record price. ”

Drivers looking for some quick relief shouldn’t get their hopes up too quickly, either.

“No change in price is expected until the pipeline is back up and running,” he added.

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