Vancouver tech learning company offers free at-home education program

May 14 2020, 6:48 pm

A technology-based learning company in Vancouver is serving up some mental gymnastics in order to help students in grade-school get ready for their day of learning.

The Brain 1st Program was launched by Vancouver’s Cally Bailey and Laura Iverson Dieleman and has been adopted by school districts all over the province over the course of the three years since released. These “warm-up” exercises do a great job of getting the young brain ready to function during classroom learning, or, in the modern case, learning from home.

“Students don’t always come to school ready to learn and teachers have been using the program in their classrooms to positively impact academic achievement,” said Dieleman, in a statement.

“We developed this program to stimulate the brain so teachers could spend more time teaching and less time managing daily classroom challenges.”

Children engaging with the Brain1st program at home / Brain 1st Program

Brain 1st is “one of the most intelligently crafted programs to aid in the social and emotional development of children,” says Elisa-Marie Chong, a second-grade teacher at Burnaby’s Douglas Road Elementary School.

With teachers, parents, and students most of all, feeling the impacts on the education system in the wake of this global pandemic, Brain 1st has decided to make their system and its included program free for anyone who needs it.

Anyone interested in trying out the program, can gain access to Brain 1st on a 30-day trial, between now and June 30.

In just under 10 minutes, these exercises help set-up kids for some serious learning. “I believe elementary students would benefit from the simple, yet powerful, exercises and activities put forth by the Brain 1st creators,” adds Chong.

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