Vancouver superhero Thanatos needs your help

Dec 19 2017, 6:48 am

Gotham has Batman, we in Vancouver have Thanatos aka The Dark Avenger and he needs our help so he can help the people that need it most in our fair city, the residents of the DTES. Check out his crowd funding campaign. The Vancouver superhero Thanatos looks eerily similar to Rorschach. 

Here is the description he has posted online:

I am Thanatos, a real life superhero here in Vancouver, BC. My ongoing mission is to provide help and aid to those living on the street. With the rising cost of supplies such as food and clothing and shelter materials I am asking for help in funding my operations and missions to the DTES of Vancouver where the need is greatest. Please help me to keep people alive and get them off the streets.

According to Wikipedia, the name Thanatos is derived from Greek mythology, Thanatos  was the daemon personification of death. Not exactly the meaning one would think when talking about one of the good guys. He remains in a war against apathy, drug abuse, homelessness—he recognizes that he alone cannot win the war, just the battles.

Image via Real Life Superheroes