Vancouver just had the most beautiful sunset and sunrise of the year (PHOTOS)

Mar 13 2018, 4:28 pm

If there’s anything good that came out of this weekend, it was the fact that for the first time in what seems like forever, Vancouver had beautiful, spring-like weather.

It almost makes up for daylight saving time.

But that time change works out, in the long run, making for longer days and extra sunshine.

And oh boy, was Vancouver hit with some beautiful sights last night and this morning. Not only did the city have some fantastic double-digit temperatures, we were also treated to an amazing sunset.

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The pretty sights didn’t stop there though. Anyone who happened to wake up early enough this morning also got to see their city painted with a gorgeous sunrise.

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Hopefully the phenomenal weather and eye-catching views are just a teaser of what’s to come for a great spring and summer. Here’s to hoping the grey days and rain don’t last for too much longer.

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