Are you tall and athletic? Navas Lab has a clothing solution for that

Jul 17 2017, 7:11 am

The struggle is real when it comes to clothing for tall athletic guys.

And that’s because when you’re over 6’2″ it’s not always easy to find trendy clothes that actually have the right measurements.

Sure, you might find a sweater that fits perfectly in length but then the arms are way too short. Then, after three or four washes the shape completely goes. Total bummer.

That’s where the local niche brand Navas Lab comes in.

Established by 6’6″ Vancouverite Alex Sinanan, Navas Lab creates clothing to fit for the tall, slim, athletic guy. All apparel items are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, plus the startup partners with local companies whenever they can. And to make it even better, they use ecologically sustainable bamboo materials.

Navas Lab clothing/Mark Whitehead Get The Shot Studios

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet because it grows at a rapid pace. And for your clothes, it means softer, longer-lasting, stretchy wearables that perfectly fit your shape.

Navas Lab is one of the only companies to serve the tall athletic man with socially-conscious, locally-produced options. They understand that not everyone who is over six foot weighs a higher amount and that’s why their clothing fits tall slender guys seamlessly.

And they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign that you can help with to send two new products for tall guys into production – The Hawkins 2 and the Mac. Just so you know, both products are named after characters from the movie Predator. Yep, seriously.

Hawkins 2

Hawkins 2/Mark Whitehead Get The Shot Studios

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of ill-fitting apparel and hello to this medium weight bamboo fleece. Its streamlined, versatile design means that you can easily wear it to work, playing soccer, camping, to the gym, to the pub, or even on a date. It has two front pockets, a phone sleeve, and a metal zipper – pretty much all you need.


Navas Lab Mac/Mark Whitehead Get The Shot Studios

You shouldn’t have to spend your entire paycheque on looking good or having the right fit. And with Navas Lab, you don’t have to. They design premium, affordable niche clothing and you can support that with the Mac. This long-sleeved T-shirt is made from bamboo lycra that you can wear every day. It feels super soft and won’t go out of shape or fashion either.

Navas Lab/Facebook

So if you’re a tall guy, you’ll definitely want to try some Navas Lab clothing on for fit. Chances are you’ll never look back and your tall guy clothing problems will be gone forever.

For more information and to order your own Navas Lab clothing, visit the firm on Kickstarter. To see even more photos of how you can wear your Navas Lab apparel, check out the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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