Harness your inner child at these refreshing Vancouver spray parks

Jun 21 2022, 11:31 pm

The forecast is finally starting to look more typical for June, and that means it’s almost time to check out some spray parks around Vancouver.

Spray parks are typically geared towards kids, but they’re also perfect for family fun.

Many spray parks have already opened in Vancouver and there are still some left to open as we progress through the summer.

The Vancouver Park Board notes that all spray parks under its jurisdiction have buttons to turn on the water for five minutes at a time to follow water restrictions and most parks have limited to no supervision.

These parks are also on a “first come, first serve” basis.

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smithe richards park april 2022

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 872 Richards Street, Vancouver

Description: The newest park in Vancouver which was recently gifted its very own Indigenous name, also happens to have a mini spray area. Located right beside the brand new Kafka coffee shop, this is the perfect spot for a fun little family get-together for the grown-ups and the kids, especially on a hot summer day.

Prince Edward Park

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 3773 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver

Description: Prince Edward Park is the perfect place for a day of physical activity followed by a little splash. The Vancouver park website states that there’s a field that’d work great for a game of soccer or tossing around a Frisbee.

Work up a sweat and then get splashed.

Connaught Park

vancouver splash

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 2390 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver

Description: Connaught Park is another location that has it all. Fields, playgrounds, a community centre, rugby and soccer pitches, and there’s even a cricket pitch. It’s another place for working up a sweat before cooling down in the spray park.

Harbour Green Park

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 1199 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Description: Located near the edge of Coal Harbour, this park can be accessed via the Stanley Park Seawall. There’s also a restaurant nearby called the TAPshack which has reopened for patio season.

Hastings Park

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 2901 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Description: Located near Playland at the PNE, Hastings Park is full of all sorts of fun attractions. Featuring multiple tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a basketball court, there are lots of things to do here before stepping into the refreshing spray park.

Hinge Park

vancouver spray parks

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 215 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Description: While Hinge Park doesn’t have a spray park in the traditional sense, there are still places to get a soak in on a hot day. Outside of that, Hinge Park is just a beautiful place to explore in near the gorgeous Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

MacLean Park

vancouver spray parks

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 710 Keefer Street, Vancouver

Description: While MacLean Park isn’t open quite yet, the Vancouver Park Board website suggests it will be opening soon. Pictures make it look like those scenes you see in movies where kids unscrew the fire hydrant and flood the streets.

Norquay Park

Vancouver spray parks

Joy Jung/Google Maps

Where: 5050 Wales Street, Vancouver

Description: Norquay Park is tucked away behind a very busy Kingsway Avenue, which features tons of amazingly delicious fast food and sit-in restaurants in the neighbourhood. The park itself looks joyous and looks like one of the most colourful spray parks in Vancouver.

Oak Park

Vancouver Spray Parks

Vancouver Park Board

Where: 900 West 59th Avenue @ Oak Street

Description: Oak Park is another place that does it all. Aside from the spray park, it also has lighted fields, outdoor roller hockey rinks, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Don’t forget to bring a towel.

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