The giant spider sculpture that terrified commuters will be removed

Mar 24 2023, 1:29 am

Arachnophobes will soon have peace during their commutes again, thanks to the City of Vancouver’s decision to remove the giant spider sculpture in East Vancouver. `

Last week, Daily Hive Urbanized reported on the new artwork that caught the eyes of many commuters on the Millennium Line between Commercial-Broadway and Renfrew stations. 

Titled Phobia, by Montreal-based artist Junko, the sculpture had been installed under an overpass near the intersection of Broadway and Victoria Drive.

Though it may have been a bit too realistic for some.

“I hate it. Burn the bridge,” said a¬†Reddit commenter¬†after seeing the sculpture.

Giant spider sculpture Vancouver

“Phobia” by Junko (Daniel Chai/Daily Hive)

The City of Vancouver has since confirmed with Daily Hive Urbanized that it is working on finding the best solution to remove the art without damaging the bridge structure and “with minimal service level impacts to the adjacent rail lines.”

“The removal of the unsanctioned artwork will follow the City’s impoundment process and the owner will have the ability to claim the piece via that process,” an email statement reads.¬†

It’s not clear how much it will cost to remove the installation, but the City emphasizes the installation of this artwork was not done in consultation with the City of Vancouver or the rail corridor partners.¬†

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