Someone made an epic Vancouver rendition of the ‘Silicon Valley’ opening (VIDEO)

Mar 26 2018, 10:58 pm

It looks almost as if the latest season of Silicon Valley has relocated and made its way to beautiful British Columbia.

A video has surfaced on YouTube with the popular Silicon Valley introduction recreated for Vancouver.

The original:

The Vancouver rendition:

The intro ends displaying “Hadron Films” rather than “Silicon Valley,” Hadron Films being the name of a local film company that specializes in full-service production, and the creators of the video.

The rendition follows the original introduction in near-perfect fashion while showing off a number of prominent Vancouver landmarks and companies.

Most notable in the 10-second clip are Vancouver’s own Hootsuite, Brassneck Brewery, The Juice Truck, 33 Acres Brewing, Method Studios, Atomic Cartoons, Mobi (bike racks), Margo Cafe, Umedia, R&B Brewing, and Terra Breads.

You’ll also see Vancouver icons like the Aquabus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, Science World, the Trans Am Totem public art installation, and a shed for sale for $7 million.

Can you spot them all?

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