"What a joke": City of Vancouver's proposed fee hikes draws outrage from some taxpayers

Sep 7 2023, 7:59 pm

The City of Vancouver recently proposed various potential fee hikes for consideration of the 2024 budget, and some residents aren’t too thrilled about some of the ideas.

Some of the proposed hikes included raising business license fees from $171 to $250.

A proposed hike for short-term rental fees would see the rate go up from $109 to $450, which would generate $1 million in additional annual revenues.

One of the proposed fee hikes that was of particular concern for some Vancouver residents who made their thoughts known on X (formerly Twitter) included a proposal to raise residential parking permit costs from the current range of $52 to $104 to a new range of $65 to $131 on an annual basis. This will result in $200,000 in additional annual revenue.

One post took that $200,000 number and ran with it.

Firing two police officers could do the same.

Another user chimed in to stop giving the money to the police.

Others had thoughts on real estate, with one user posting, “Owners of real estate in Vancouver have been the most insulated from cost pressures in recent years.”

Some had thoughts on what it takes to live in Vancouver, meaning being rich.

“I rather they increase residential property taxes more than nickel-and-diming businesses/trades,” one person wrote online.

“Cut City staff by 50%!” another user said.

“In a bid to prevent ‘raising taxes further…’ for what??? People already pay through the nose on everything. Property values have skyrocketed and there’s buildings going up everywhere. By my math, Vancouver has likely tripled their tax base in the past five years. What a joke. Anything to get more. More. Always more,” Jerry Kobylt said.

“Raising taxes is as easy as ABC!” Steve wrote.

And, of course, someone took a shot at the cyclists.

“It’s time for cyclists to pay their fair share,” they wrote.

What do you think of the proposed increases? Let us know in the comments!

With files from Kenneth Chan

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