Vancouver Pride Spotlight: Meet poet Rabbit Richards

Aug 7 2020, 2:52 pm

Although this year’s  Vancouver Virtual Pride celebrations have come to a close, we’re spotlighting and celebrating local QTBIPOC (Queer/Trans/Two-Spirit who are also Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) creators, artists, and changemakers in the community whose work is rooted in advocating for inclusivity, diversity, and justice.

This week, we catch up with Rabbit Richards. Rabbit is a poet who is also involved in accessibility work. Last year they were the host at Vancouver Pride Society’s (VPS)  accessible parade viewing area. This year they have curated a line-up of writers for VPS’ writers’ showcase in partnership with the Vancouver Writers Festival.

What does intersectionality mean to you and why is it important — especially when it comes to LGBTQ community and celebrating Pride?

Intersectionality isn’t important to me as a concept. Recognizing that Black women are forced to choose a struggle to support is self-knowledge. Non-Black queer folks need to educate themselves about the origins of Pride, not just in the glamorous and well-publicized ways, but in the self-affirming and community-building work of liberation.

QTBIPOC voices and changemakers have always been at the front of leading movements and social change for the LGBTQ community… in what ways have these changemakers inspired you as someone who is BIPOC?

The more I learn about the intense dedication to care displayed by queer leaders the more affirmed I am that the revolution will not exclude disabled, fat, Black, gender-non-conforming folks. Rather, we all get free together.

In what ways do you feel the LGBTQ community here in Vancouver needs to make more space for QTBIPOC members of the community? What kind of allyship work needs to be done?

Allyship is not the goal. Evince a reality where self-congratulation is overkill. Seek justice over peace. Fight for everyone to have access, not to be the most progressive in your friend group.

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