Vancouverites strip down for annual Polar Bear Swim (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Jan 2 2018, 5:46 pm

Thousands of people came out to English Bay to help welcome the New Year with a splash, during the annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim.

The annual event once again saw participants shake off the cobwebs of 2017 and plunge right into 2018 with a cool freezing cold dip in the water.

Many of those who attended the event shared their “cool” shots on social media.

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❄️ There’s no tiptoeing into cold water ❄️ #polarbearplunge

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New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge

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Polar Bear Swim 🌊 #polarbearswim#canada

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Polar bear swim, 2018.

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… Not for those who walk on water 😊

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#vanpolarbearswim #polarswimveteran #portrait #photography

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RUNNING INTO 2018 LIKE . . . (Kinda cold n fuelled by Bailey’s)

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