Vancouver Photographer: Tomasz Wagner

Dec 19 2017, 12:32 pm

With natural ambition to challenge each goal, Tomasz is always ahead of the curve to bring you the best in what the industry has to offer. He is a culture-inspired photographer who explores light and grand picturesque environments. What separates his work from most photographers is his friendly nature, strive for perfection, contrasting visual style, and unique angles.

“Before the capture, connect; thus conveying the most powerful masterpiece.”
With all people, we connect with each other, subjects, and thoughts. Even landscape photographs connect with their view, waiting for that perfect light.

Vancity Buzz: You photograph a lot of different subjects, what is your favourite subject to photograph?

Tomasz: The transition from photographer to pro narrows your field of work from shooting everything to shooting what you’re strong points are. I’d say my favourite subjects to photograph are people, places and things; more specifically weddings/couples, travel and cars. The day I can put all three into one, now that would be nice. Destination wedding photographer, must provide own sexy sports car!

VcB: What sort of things inspire you?

Tomasz: Love, Art, Music and Happiness. I’m not a hippie, swear!

VcB: What lead you to become a photographer and how long have you been a photographer?

Tomasz: I bought my first camera as a poor student 7 years ago, a SLR as a graduation present for myself 5 years ago, shooting professionally 3 years ago, building a business 1 year ago, full time 6 months ago. If I really think back it all started with the choices I made in life after high school. Enrolling myself at CDIS (now AiCDIS) in their Visual Effects course was where it all started – without me even knowing. Working as a

3D compositor in video was like photographs on steroids. As a matter of fact, when I look back at my graduating reel, 70% was compiled using still. Wasn’t till working at EA as a Visual Effects artist that my photography started taking off.

VcB: If there was one person, place or thing you could photograph who or what would it be?

Tomasz: Good question, I just one hope day one day, a photograph I took makes an impact that it’s remembered for years.

VcB: What has been your best photography experience thus far?

Tomasz: Photographing while traveling. Anything can happen, you have to be ready to capture absolutely nothing or an unexpected phenomenon.

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview and all the best in your future photographer endeavours. You can see more of Tomasz’s photos at

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