Vancouver Photographer: Chris Naidu

Dec 19 2017, 12:29 pm

One of Vancity Buzz’s goals is to highlight the people that make Vancouver so great. We started with models, because, well they’re beautiful and there are a so many of them in Vancouver and we’re guys. Now we are branching out and taking a look at the photographers in the city.

In case you didn’t know there are a lot of talented photographers in this town and we plan on highlighting each and everyone of them until there are none left. Today we showcase the talent that is Chris Naidu, a 20 year old fashion, beauty and advertising photographer born and raised in Vancouver.

I try to focus my work on simple emotions, but at the same time create an opportunity where the viewer is left thinking about the image and discovering new feelings – as oppose to what’s immediately in front of them.

Vancity Buzz: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

Chris Naidu: I love shooting people, but I’m a sucker for landscapes as well. It feels very accomplishing to shoot an amazing personality, or a beautiful horizon; They both offer me something unexplainable. I don’t think I could choose between the two, but I definitely feel myself while I’m shooting each of them.

VcB: What sort of things inspire you?

Chris: Faces, Cities, Nature, Culture, The Unknown. It’s kind of a broad spectrum, but I’ve noticed that as I grow personally and artistically, I’m inspired by more of life’s aspects each day.

VcB: What lead you to become a photographer, how long have you been a photographer and what point did it become serious?

Chris: Since the ages of around 11-12, I’ve always seemed to have an interest with imagery. It grew from seeing photographs my brother had taken, to loving the way a certain picture looked, and eventually I realized that I loved it enough to get a camera and make my own pictures. As time went by, so did my progression, and things just fell into place. I’ve been shooting for around three years, but I think that it really became serious about half way through that time.

VcB: If there was one person, place or thing you could photograph who or what would it be?

Chris: I have this exciting curiosity with rest of the world (I suppose that’s why I’m inspired by the unknown), that I haven’t been able to express! I would love to travel much more and shoot every amazing aspect that surround us, whether they be people, culture, landscapes, or just open air. I think it’s all extraordinary.

VcB: What has been your best photography experience thus far?

Chris: I’m still looking forward to it. Not to mean that my past has lacked a specific “best experience” – but that’s just it, they all are. I’m fortunate enough to wake up in the morning and decide what’s going to happen; photography has allowed that. From the magnitude of amazing people I’ve met, to the surreal situations I’ve been put in, it’s all the best. What’s even more amazing, is that it’s just begun.

That wraps up our interview with Chris, you can see more of his work here.

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