Canada's largest parkour gym opens in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 6:15 am

Today parkour will have a new hub and home in Vancouver. In fact, “Origins” will be the largest gym of its kind in Canada: a 10,000 square foot facility full of custom-built features specifically for helping you learn how to run, jump, climb, vault, roll and flip. Large wooden structures made to emulate the urban landscape dominate the space while leaving ample room for a spring floor, foam pit, bouldering wall, monkey bars and weight room.

Parkour, a discipline incorporating elements from gymnastics, track and field, and rock climbing, has been steadily growing in BC. Its roots come from France in the 1920’s and were incorporated in French military basic training. In the 80’s, David Belle took those principles and became known as the founder of parkour, showcasing it to the world in action films. Now practiced all around the world, gym owner and head coach Rene Scavington hopes to show even more people how to get into parkour. “Parkour really makes sense in Vancouver because people are already very outdoorsy.” Much like other popular activities in Vancouver, such as running and yoga, Scavington emphasizes that parkour is an “individual, self-focused discipline… about self-challenge, self empowerment.” It’s this principle behind parkour that Scavington believes will resonate with women in Vancouver, in much the same way yoga and martial arts do.

To celebrate its grand opening, the gym will be holding an open house, with free classes (including kids’ and women only programs) offered all week from Sept 10 – 14. Walk-ins are welcome, but email [email protected] to reserve a spot.

Origins is located on the 3rd floor of 2655 Main St.

Submitted photo