Vancouver Neighbours: Anthony

Dec 19 2017, 5:01 pm

“I owe a lot of where I am currently to my beautiful children. The greatest gift they have given me is the gift of appreciating the fragility and fleeting commodity of time – it’s the only thing we will never gain more of”

This series features mini stories about local Vancouverites. A way for you to get to know your neighbour.


Image: Matthew Chen

Anthony 2

Image: Matthew Chen

“The greatest challenge I have faced has been losing my business in 2009 after the world recession. I started a construction company at the young age of 19 […] that grew into over 48 high-rise projects [and] over 400 employees. Everything that I had struggled and worked so hard for was being taken away from me piece by piece and at a pace that was becoming at times too much for me to handle. I will never forget the night when it was -40 below in Edmonton, I would park my truck and sleep at the local truck stop. I remember thinking that this is part of the process of success and that if I could get through this it will be a great story.”