Vancouver Mayoral Race Ends November 15, 2008

Dec 19 2017, 11:43 am

Who will be the victor? Well over the last two months Vancity Buzz has covered the issues that will ultimately decide who is worthy of leading the City of Vancouver during this transitional time. Whoever you vote for, make sure you do vote. Remember if you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain.

Here are the previous links to the issues we’ve covered:

  1. $100 million bailout of the 2010 Olympic Village
  2. $173 transit fine (really a non issue to me, but was made into one by the NPA)
  3. Race and the impact it will have on the outcome of this political race
  4. Homelessness
  5. Commercial Development
  6. Whitecaps New Stadium

Throughout the week we will attempt to cover what we believe are to be the major issues.

Update: It appears as though the NPA is up to their old tricks as an Independent candidate by the name Greg Robertson has entered the race. Hmm somewhere out there in obscurityville James Green would be proud.

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