Vancouver Mayor Race...

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

And then there were two. As the race for Mayor of Vancouver continues, it looks as though NPA candidate Peter Ladner has his work cut out for him. Not only is he Sam Sullivan’s cronies (similar to what McCain is to Bush in the states), now he has to fend off a venerable ménage à trois from the left.

Last week Cope and Greens agreed not to appoint a mayoral candidate. Giving buddy boy Gregor Robertson all the spoils from the left leaning voters.
One question the Urban Dweller had on his mind prior to the election was, where all the minorities in the civic election? After all Vancouver is the 3rd most ethinically diverse city in North America. Yet its continued to be run by the old white men club of yester year. Well it looks like Ladner is not only an avid cyclist but a mind reader as well because this weekend the NPA had answered my question with a mulitcultural bash at the Croation Cultural Centre in good ole East Vancouver.
In all honesty Ladner has a tough road ahead of him and he knows it and this sudden embrace of other ethnicities is simple vote pandering by the NPA and you know what it just might work. So the political world turns..
Personally, Gregor Roberston is far too left and Ladner is far to right. Take for example Robertson’s stupid idea of taxing vacate condos. Say goodbye to international investment then a-hole. I’m no fan of empty condos, but international investment is needed and will continue to be need for the foreseeable future. Or do you want to go back to the good old days of the 90’s. Remember those days in which an exodus of head offices to Calgary and other parts of the country took place. We have finally reversed that in this city and now we might go back in time. What the fuck.
Then there is Ladner. He is cut from the same cloth as Sam Sullivan, need I say more.
The city needs Larry Campbell to come back. Viz. However, the real mayor of this city is Gordon Campbell, we all know that.
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