Vancouverite shot and paralyzed in Thailand by man he was trying to help

Dec 19 2017, 9:23 am

A Vancouver man is pleading for help from Canadians after a serious, unprovoked and random attack in Thailand left him paralyzed.

Nic Brown’s Story – June 21, 2013 (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

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Last summer, Nic Brown was in Chiang Mai, Thailand teaching English, but the experience of a lifetime took a turn for the worst on the evening of June 21.

An intoxicated man referred to as “Don” was behaving in a drunk and disorderly manner at the bar where Nic, his girlfriend and friends were enjoying some drinks. He attacked and sexually assaulted bar patrons and staff, which instigated a fight inside the bar. Nic and his friends (who were not involved in the fight) wanted to help Don before he received even further injuries, so during a short break in the fight they picked him up from the ground and took him outside to his car for safety.

However, Don came back and stopped his car right in front of the bar. From inside the vehicle, he aimed his gun at the bar and fired five times before driving off. Bar patrons were able to recall the license plate number which led police investigators to arrest Don.

Three people were hit from the shots fired including Nic who became paralyzed from the chest down, taking away his ability to walk.

Nic was the only one who did not recover from his injuries. He spent six months in a Thai hospital to recover from multiple surgeries and a serious pressure ulcer on his tailbone that wore down the integrity of the bone.

Don the shooter has since been released as his family made bail of the equivalent of USD$5,000. According to Nic, the shooter’s family placed their son in a mental institute for a period of time and even had him join the ‘monkhood’ to strengthen his case in court.

Don will face trial soon, but there are concerns by Nic, his girlfriend, family and friends that a foreigner will not receive fair justice without some sort of international pressure on Thailand’s legal system.

Supporters of Nic are hoping that Vancouverites can share Nic’s story and video so that his case receives the attention it deserves and needs.

In addition to the legal case, a crowd funding campaign has been launched to assist Nic with his bills. He has been unable to work, is “confined to a wheelchair” and is struggling with the costs associated with the trial and ongoing medical treatments.

The campaign on has a goal of raising at least $10,000 and within its first four days it has already taken in nearly $2,000. All funds raised will go towards Nic’s medical treatments.

Facebook page has also been created in support of Nic.

A photo of “Don” taken by police upon arrest

Nic Brown Don

Images: Campaign for Nic Brown

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