10 Vancouver mama bears to play peek-a-boo with on Instagram

Oct 12 2017, 2:27 pm

Most of us millennials have baby scrapbooks or drawers of looseleaf photos documenting our childhood. For many of us, pictures are precious and have bent corners, faded colors, and can even be folded straight up the middle.

But modern rugrats live in the digital decade, with each of their Mum’s iPhones storing thousands of pictures of every moment.

In a time where Instagram is essentially the modern scrapbook, it’s fun to peek inside the lives of mothers. Take a gander at this list for your weekend play date and family time inspiration.


My perfect, chill, not so little, backache inducing explorer.

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Instagram sensation and mother of two, Bethany and her husband David’s lives are an open book. Currently serving as missionaries in Mexico, you can catch a glimpse of their Vancouver/Mexico lives on their Instagram feed.


Rainy Wednesdays. Umbrellas, dresses and rainboots are our rainy day uniforms. Hoping you’re all staying dry today!

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Mom blogger and owner of the kids accessory company @petitelittles, you can be sure Melissa’s kids are always going to be wearing something cute.


“Kid, you’ll move mountains!” ~Dr. Suess #mybcadventure

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Roxanna is the definition of a supermom; she takes her FOUR kids on extreme adventures into the backcountry of BC. Motivating kids everywhere to climb mountains, both literally and figuratively.


Mother of two little princesses, these girls can always be spotted in adorable dresses and lots and lots of pink. Lee is also a mommy lifestyle blogger extraordinaire.


Grateful is not a big enough word 🖤🌿 This little boy (and his amazing Dad) are the greatest blessings, the most incredible gifts, the reason I smile every day. Today may be Thanksgiving, but not a day goes by that I am not grateful for them and the miracle we were given to share this life together. Wishing everyone a day where their hearts are full of love & thankfulness. #happythanksgiving • • Use the code: LIFEPARKER15 to save 15% @surfingninjasclothing • #LittleP #ParkerJames #2yearsold #brandrep #toddlermodel #toddlersofinstagram #momlife #momsohard #motherhoodrising #letthembelittle #pixel_kids #thedarlingmovement #persuepretty #letthekids #livemorehappy #tinymoments #ohheymama #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #motherhood #our_everyday_moments #thehappynow #momswithcameras #themotherhoodcorner #themommydiary #unitedinmotherhood #surfingninjasclothing

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Mama to a future bro of Vancouver, Amy’s documenting her journey of motherhood and sharing it with all of Vancity.

Yesterday we celebrated Parker’s Papa 🖤 It’s been a rough year for my Dad, but we are so grateful for another BIRTHDAY and every moment we get with this amazing guy. He means the world to us & we are praying for a year full of good health and joy for him. #HappyBirthday • • Use the code: PARKER15 to save 15% off @monbebeapparel Use the code: PARKER to save 15% off @shopquinnanddot • • • #LittleP #ParkerJames #2yearsold #brandrep #toddlermodel #toddlersofinstagram #letthembelittle #pixel_kids #thedarlingmovement #persuepretty #letthekids #livemorehappy #tinymoments #ohheymama #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #boymom #our_everyday_moments #thehappynow #unitedinmotherhood #monbebeapparel #shopquinnanddot #jadorepapa #weloveyou #ourhero #yougotthis #papa #celebratelife #preciousmoments

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Raising Jay, Abel and new edition Isaiah is no easy task. Taking it one day at a time, Heydy’s kid squad is growing up pretty smoothly. Her motherhood life and style blog is full of tips to make family time fun time.


October 1! 🎃 🍂🌻

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Full-time mom and creator of @sheisclothing, Kimberly’s design skills show through in her Instagram feed and the oh-so-girly style of herself and her daughter.

My darling, today is all about YOU! Happy 8th Birthday Amy Claire 💗

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We snuck in one last week at the lake before Jones starts Montessori for the first time on Monday. As we were packing up to leave he asked if he could invite all his new friends to come with us. When I asked him what new friends, he replied “All my new friends from my new school”. (He hasn’t even met them yet.) Without a doubt this boy is the most social & outgoing person I know. Safe to say he’ll do just fine. Now if I can just perfectly align Stevie’s nap with his afternoon class. Easy peasy, right? . . . . #letthembittle#motherhoodunplugged#candidchildhood#childhoodunplugged#ohheymama#honestmotherhood#unitedinmotherhood#healthykids#lovecarrieson#babywearing#wearallthebabies#ergobaby#ergobaby360

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Carley is a holistic nutritionist who focuses on nourishing the journey of motherhood. Her feed and blog are an excellent resource for making sure you and your baby are happy and healthy.

All mammals fit into 4 categories, which are directly determined by the varying levels of macronutrients in their milk. The more fat & protein a mammal’s milk contains, the longer they can leave their young. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The milk of cache animals (like rabbits) is very rich in fat & protein, which allows them to leave their young for up to 12 hours. Nest animals (cats, dogs) feed about every 4 hours. Follow animals (elephant, giraffe) can walk within an hour of birth, but stay close to mama and feed about every 2 hours. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Carry animals (humans, marsupials, apes) have the lowest content of fat & protein in their milk and it doesn’t keep our young full for long. Our newborns are the most dependant mammals and they need to nurse almost continually. This ensures that mama & baby stay in constant contact because baby’s survival depends on it. So to all the mama’s who feel like they always have a baby hanging off of them… this is why! (Do yourself a favour and get a baby carrier. It’s a total game changer). #ohbabypostpartum . . . . . #postpartum#healthypregnancy#pregnancynutrition#fourthtrimester#4thtrimester#motherhood#unitedinmotherhood#healthybabies#breastfeeding#breadtmilk#bossomnectar#healthymama#healthymom#healthybaby#breastfeeding#breastmilk#feedingbaby#newborn#takebackpostpartum#breastfeedwithoutfear#motherhoodunugged

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A family of blonde beauties, Amaris and her kids are living life in platinum on the gram. She’s by far one of the best-dressed moms around town.


Monochrome X Neutrals

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Mother of an exceptional little man, Monica, and Maui are a mother-son duo that will have you clicking that follow button in seconds. The many faces of Maui can’t be missed; this expressive little dude could be a star one day.

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