Vancouver celebrates International Pillow Fight Day 2017 (PHOTOS)

Apr 4 2017, 1:02 am

This past weekend crowds of people took to the streets in Vancouver to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day.

Hosted by Flashmob Vancouver, the epic pillow fight on Saturday April 1 brought people of all ages to engage in a little harmless pillow-whacking fun, and it sure got feathers flying!

Check out the action in these photos below.

A post shared by World Nomad (@worldnomad_cr7) on

Had a nice pillow fight in the middle of the city #efmoment #efvancouver

A post shared by 🌻Camilla Christensen🌻 (@c4milla_) on

A kid at ❤ in a grown-up’s body #vancouverpillowfight #vancity #letsjusthavefun 😂😂😂

A post shared by Dan Chalcraft (@chalcraftdan) on

Vancouver pillow fight 2017 #vancouver #pillowfight #vancouverpillowfight #vancouverartgallery

A post shared by Lloyd Pan (@lloidberg) on

FEATHERS FOR EVERYBODY!!! #vancouverpillowfight

A post shared by Iain (@iainescott) on

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