New pet 'washroom' introduced at Vancouver International Airport

Jun 9 2016, 7:40 am

Pets traveling with their owners need their own place to relieve themselves, and as of today Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the latest airport in the world to provide an indoor space for pets to do their business.

The airport’s first new pet relief area is located within the post-security area of the U.S. departures terminal, providing a more comfortable and convenient area for pets and service animals to let it all out. The room is complete with artificial grass, touchless entry, and lowered counters for individuals using wheelchairs, and features a large interior for ease of maneuverability.

Pet owners are asked to allow their pet to relieve themselves on the artificial grass, use a provided waste bag to pick up and clean up solid waste, and dispose of the bag in the marked bin. After this process, before leaving the room, owners are to press the ‘flush’ nob to clean the area.

Currently, travellers with a furry companion need to leave the post-security area in order to allow their pets to relieve themselves. YVR’s new facility makes it the first airport in Canada to provide an indoor pet relief area inside the terminal building; pet relief areas at the international airports of Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal are located outside.

In recent years, airlines have been reporting an increasing number of pets, particularly in the number of people declaring that they are traveling with their pet for ’emotional support’.

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