9 Vancouver-based interior designers you need to follow on Instagram

Aug 21 2017, 1:25 am

Renovating a house is serious business, heck even buying stationary (that you secretly want to match your apartment, so you display it on your desk) is a big decision.

To the HGTV lovers of Vancouver, we know you really, really love watching room transformations. So you’ll probably also enjoy checking out these 9 Vancouver-based interior designers. Have a peek for yourself and prepare to start decorating your Instagram feed.


everything about this space👌🏼

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Boho fresh at it’s finest. This is the account to follow if you like exposed wood, wicker, brown leather, basically, the whole hippy-dippy vibe works minus the bright colours.

catch these pouches, poufs and more at tomorrow’s pop up in West Vancouver!

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#Fieldtrip Vancouver Coroner’s Court Building (1932) Arthur J Bird Architect- Timber Lamella Barrel Vault

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Your inspo and behind-the-scenes peek into architecture and design. Ever wonder how those beyond-cool angled ceilings are built, what about exposed versus nonexposed beams? Dive into this account and figure it all out.


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The ultimate archetype for modern living in Vancouver. Soft, contemporary colours and materials are in full supply serving as great inspiration for anyone looking to redecorate their home.

Beautiful credenza by @jeffmartinjoinery installed at a client’s

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| MATERIAL STORY | inspiration finds itself through taste, smell and texture. Inspired by chocolate bars, candles, marble XOs, architectural wood toys. Pattern to texture. Thinking about how to create value around shared spa rooms like that of a high end boutique hotel over this constant idea of everyone needing their own bathroom. Why have 7 bathrooms and then cheap budgets for materials and fixtures?! When we evaluate budgets and find solutions where we don’t have to compromise on quality, RETHINK. Provide private toilet rooms / private spa shower/bath rooms and consider oversized shared vanity spaces. Reconsider a system of detailing materials that is consistent while also find ways to make each room special. Preferred approach is a different colour way of 1 pattern – white/gray,black and for the special powder room colour. Matte white powder coated aluminum wrapped premium grade European Plywood to matte black wrapped black MDF cabinet fronts for long term durability. Linoleum wrapped cabinetry fronts to polished concrete floors. We vote 4 Deluxe SPA Rooms where everyone can brush their teeth, take long hot showers and bring the newspaper for the long No.2 all in the privacy of their own but sharing a much more deluxe interior. LESS=MORE | never thought I would wear Birkenstocks in the studio but now I know ugly sometimes equals too comfy

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Full of colour mood boards, idea-inspiring sketches and more, this is one account that truly lets you inside the head of a designer.

| LANDSCAPE | one of the greatest honours of being a creative is the opportunity to learn from a multidisciplinary group of professionals including the landscape architects. Also pretty awesome when a team member presents hand drawings in this digital world, nothing like good drawings on trace. Ambitious requirements to meet certification for #TheLivingBuildingChallenge – a great presentation by @space2place and brainstorming with @hcma.ca on how do we build for the future when some rules that are generalized becomes a road block especially in a climate like Vancouver. Our highs and lows in water makes it difficult to retain 96 cubic meters of water storage to meet the irrigation needs of the vegetable growing areas required. Current roof capacity will only cover gray water usage for the house. The challenge of making your front and back yard edible means more water.

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Nice photo of @kissatanto, our most recent restaurant project. Repost via @cerealmag. Photo cred: @gillianstevens

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As a designer for local businesses, this is not your average interior design account. Check out the mastermind behind some of your favourite local restaurant’s conception.

+ Throwing shapes. @meatandbread #glanceback #ourdailybread

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Contemporary classic in every meaning of the phrase. Click here for gold tones, pops of colour, and every mismatched vintage arm chair under the sun.


An architect and designer by trade, this boutique firm can build you a home from the ground up. Not in the market for multi-bazillion dollar reno? This is still a great feed to develop your ideas!

A long, light filled hallway to display the owner’s collection of contemporary art against that view…

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This incredible piece from #jenniferkostuikgallery really brings this stairwell to life. Any guesses what it is? #stairway #art #hallways #stairs

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From Vancouver to Hong Kong, this designer travels all over the world decorating some of the finest properties the Western World has to offer.

Cool, casual iving room space (Tap for sources) #interiordesign #interiordecor

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An international award-winning design studio with a flare for unique angles and textures. One of the ultimate idea boards out there for budding designers.

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