Vancouver gas prices are currently the highest in North America

Oct 31 2017, 7:30 pm

Vancouver finds itself in first place on a lot of lists, but not always for a good reason. Case in point: Gas prices here are currently the highest in North America.

Yes, as in the continent of North America.

Prices at numerous stations throughout Metro Vancouver hovered around the $1.43 / litre mark on Tuesday, with some gas stations in Surrey and New Westminster climbing as high as $1.449/litre  – just under the $1.45 mark.

According to’s Dan McTeague, the price increase at the pumps can be blamed on a couple of things.

The “limited supply of gasoline and Vancouver’s dependence on Washington State refineries – as well as Edmonton – for fuel, means prices are more volatile here in the Lower Mainland,” he said.

McTeague told Daily Hive the region’s taxes also play a big part in the price.

“Taxes are also the highest in North America,” he said. “At $1.439, total gasoline tax is 49.025 cents a litre. ”

So can drivers expect any relief from these prices anytime soon?

Well, kind of, but it will be (very) short-lived.

“We will see a small 1 cent drop tomorrow, but then it could rise again towards the weekend pushing prices above 1.45 a litre,” McTeague explained.

Overall though, drivers shouldn’t expect any real drop in prices “for at least two weeks.”

So is it time to get a bus pass? It just might be.

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