We sent a Vancouver foodie to shop for an epic Italian feast

Oct 16 2019, 9:36 am

Fall has most definitely arrived in Vancouver, and with it come plenty of opportunities to host dinner parties, play board games, and do all the rainy weather activities we’ve missed this summer.

One of the things we love most about this time of year is the selection of rich comfort foods on offer. Think Italian pasta, warm soups, and mouth-watering roasts. Getting hungry yet?

Inspired by the turn of the season, we teamed up with a local food writer and sent her to check out the recently updated specialty grocer, BOSA Foods. The goal? Shop for a complete Italian feast, just like nonna used to make.

Kootenay Street, Vancouver/BOSA Foods

With BOSA Foods’ vast selection of over 7,000 products imported from Italy, and throughout the entire Mediterranean region, the challenge was met without hesitation. From pasta with rich tomato sauce to cheese platters with marinated olives, there were plenty of options for a simple yet delicious dinner party.

Arriving at the Kootenay Street location sans shopping list, our food writer chose to let the market guide the dinner party menu — she had no shortage of inspiration.

The star of the meal was going to be pasta (lasagna to be specific), stuffed to the brim with grilled, marinated veggies from the BOSA Foods deli counter, plus loads of cheese and proper Italian tomato sauce (did you know pomodoro is Italian for tomato? Neither did we).

New checkouts/BOSA Foods

But before the main course, like any foodie, our food writer had to take advantage of the expansive cheese selection from Italy and all over the world provided by the dedicated food importer. After all, a cheese plate really is a must for every dinner party.

Provolone, Buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano (there’s one aged for 40 months!), burrata, mascarpone — the list of formidable formaggi goes on and on. Our food writer’s choice? Well, it had to be a soft goat cheese covered in edible flowers for a little wow factor, with some locally made crackers and lots of mixed Sicilian olives.

Grana Padano cheese wheel/BOSA Foods

Cheese/BOSA Foods

And then, the pasta. Aisles and aisles of pasta, including gluten-free options, fresh pasta at the deli counter, even pasta makers engineered for the intrepid home chef can be found at BOSA Foods.

Although our food writer admitted she was sorely tempted to invest in a pasta maker, she opted for Italian-made oven-ready lasagna noodles from Preferisco.

Butcher counter/BOSA Foods

Combined with a simple, organic Italian tomato sauce (Italissima brand), generous amounts of ricotta and fresh mozzarella, plus the gorgeous grilled veggies available from the deli, all that was left to choose was dessert.

While panatone is always an Italian classic, a decadent cinnamon sugar coffee cake was practically begging to be paired with BOSA Foods’ own Espresso roast coffee beans. These can be ground up and served as a shot of espresso, in a French press, or even prepared in a traditional drip coffee maker — whichever suits you and your guests’ taste.

With all of the necessary ingredients to prepare an ideal Italian feast, our food writer was ready to show off the spoils of a successful visit to BOSA Foods newly revamped Kootenay Street location.

Shopping cart/BOSA Foods

Not feeling the home chef inspo? BOSA Foods also has a fully stocked fridge full of grab and go meal options perfect for those less inclined to cook, or those who’re too hungry to wait until they get home.

Need some inspiration for your next Italian feast? Check out BOSA Foods’ curated selection of recipes, perfect for making the most of their incredible ingredients. Of course, you can always visit in-person and see where the selection takes you. The retailer has decades of experience importing the best ingredients for Lower Mainland food lovers, and clearly that’s not changing anytime soon.

Stop by BOSA Foods‘ refreshed location at 1465 Kootenay Street, Vancouver, just off Boundary Road and 1st Avenue.

Buon appetito!

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