Five more flights with COVID-19 exposures identified by BC CDC

Dec 20 2020, 1:37 pm

The BC Centre for Disease Control has identified six more flights with COVID-19 cases on board that have passed through Vancouver’s airport in recent days.

The flights were added to their list of public exposures on December 19.

Travellers who were on the flights are advised to monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

On December 10, United Airlines flight 4769 from San Francisco to Vancouver reported a case of COVID-19 on board. Rows 12 to 18 are affected.

On December 12, WestJet flight 126, which flew from Vancouver to Calgary, had a coronavirus case, although affected rows have not been reported.

On December 13, Air Canada/Jazz flight 103 from Toronto to Vancouver carried an infected passenger. Rows 50 to 55 are affected.

On December 14, Air Canada/Jazz flight 8261 from Vancouver to Nanaimo confirmed a virus case. Rows 50 to 55 are affected.

On December 16, Alaska Airlines flight 2154 from Seattle to Vancouver had a passenger with COVID-19 on board. Affected rows have not reported.