We spent $30 at the Vancouver Flea Market and this is what we bought

Jun 14 2016, 7:05 pm

Dig into your wallet and imagine what you could buy with your cash at the Vancouver Flea Market.

Nestled beside Terminal Avenue, the iconic red building is packed with vendors selling a kaleidoscope of items that you won’t find anywhere else. For this reason alone, the market has become a weekend tradition for vintage lovers.

Presented-By-Van-Flea-MarketCurious to see what treasures we could unearth, Daily Hive sent someone along to the flea market tasked with uncovering some treasures with just 30 bucks in their pockets.

Take a look below to see what we managed to score.

USB portable fan

Vancouver Flea Market / Brenna Temple

Portable USB fan / Vancouver Flea Market

Ok, this one’s just cool. Complete with a USB cable, this portable fan plugs right into your computer and soothes you with a gentle breeze while you type away at work.

Flashy sunglasses

Sunglasses / Brenna Temple

Sunglasses / Vancouver Flea Market

These are timeless. Keep them on your dashboard in the car or wear them to your favourite places to make a lasting impression. The Lana Del Rey look will never get old.

Vintage trading cards

Vintage trading cards / Brenna Temple

Vintage trading cards / Vancouver Flea Market

No need to use these legendary trading cards and stickers – the point is that they’re awesome to look at.

Traditional fan

Traditional fan / Brenna Temple

Traditional fan / Vancouver Flea Market

Silly, striking, and practical at the same time. Bring it to the beach to cool your face and turn heads.

Colorful USB phone charger

USB phone charger / Vancouver Flea Market

USB phone charger / Vancouver Flea Market

There’s no shortage of tech at the Vancouver Flea Market. These came in tons of different bright colours so you’ll never lose yours.


Postcards / Vancouver Flea Market

Postcards / Vancouver Flea Market

Postcards / Vancouver Flea Market

Postcards / Vancouver Flea Market

Snail mail isn’t dead, especially when it’s decorated with epic West Coast locations. What’s also cool is the historical kicker – you can find ones that have already been used. Perfect for framing.

Try your hand at negotiating and check out the Vancouver Flea Market for yourself at 703 Terminal Avenue. Stay in the know via Twitter and Facebook.


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