Vancouver Fire Department wins social media with Simpsons-inspired Snowmageddon Tweet

Feb 8 2017, 10:16 pm

As hordes of panicky people prepared themselves for another round of winter weather on Wednesday, the Vancouver Fire Department offered some advice to residents on how to deal with it.

However, just hours later, the VFD “rescinded” their advice and channelled classic Simpsons hilarity when advising people what to do next.

Of course, this is a nod to The Simpsons episode that sees citizens create a mass exodus from Springfield, in search of buried treasure.

No word yet though, on whether this latest round of the white stuff will maintain a “Winter Wonderland” status, or be upgraded to a “Class 3 Killstorm.”

Either way, well played, Vancouver Fire Department. Well played.

Eric ZimmerEric Zimmer

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