Vancouver Film School Opens Shanghai Institution

Dec 19 2017, 8:15 pm

Vancouver Film School opens the doors of the Shanghai Vancouver Film School on October 8, 2014 as part of a global, multi-million dollar initiative in partnership with The University of Shanghai and Shanghai Municipal Government. This exciting development propels the Vancouver Film School – and the city’s cultural talents – to the world stage.

With 100 students and 30 faculty members, the 75,000 sq. feet school is the first phase in an expansive 15-year development project that will transform 10 hectares of prime property into an entertainment industry park, including education, production, soundstage, and studio locations.

China represents the world’s second largest domestic film market, poised to surpass the currently leading US in 2018. The new venture, Shanghai Vancouver Film School, is an integral part of the development that will capitalize on this industry growth by providing state of the art facilities to local and international filmmakers. With Shanghai the film capital of China, Vancouver Film School and its partners are working towards increasing the city’s creative and economic output.

“This project will be transformative – not only for the Vancouver Film School and our city’s cultural profile, but for the film industry as a whole,” explained James Griffin, Vancouver Film School President and Co-Founder. “The partnership between Vancouver and Shanghai enables the cross-pollination of ideas, while allowing North American companies to enter the Chinese market. In turn, Shanghai will create internationally marketable entertainment products while retaining Chinese cultural integrity.”

With three international design firms currently bidding to design the space, the park will ultimately host three studios producing four to five films each year. Vancouver Film School will spearhead these projects, helping to facilitate a sophisticated funding agency for the film industry in Shanghai, and encouraging additional studios and educational institutions to utilize the state of the art facilities. VFS and University of Shanghai alumni will have access to these facilities on a preferred basis.

“We are delighted that Shanghai – one of the most powerful cities in the world – has chosen to collaborate with VFS to realize this extraordinary vision. Working in close partnership with the Shanghai government and the University of Shanghai has been an honour,” said Griffin.

Griffin envisions that as these relationships are formed on a global scale, films will reflect their multicultural influences. The Vancouver Film School will be at the forefront of this industry evolution.

Feature Image: Myriam Casper

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