Vancouver company creates face shield that clips to your baseball hat

Jul 29 2020, 4:36 pm

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit BC earlier this year, communities and businesses have adopted new safety protocols and procedures to help prevent the spread of the virus.

In May, Canada’s health officials began recommending the use of non-medical masks and coverings as an additional layer of protection when a consistent two-metre physical distance from others is not possible. Crowded public settings like shopping areas, stores, and public transportation can make it harder to maintain this distance.

Local entrepreneur Joshua Bradshaw knew he wanted to do something to help when the pandemic started. His “aha moment” came while picking up food at a drive-through. He thought of how easily workers wearing company caps and visors could add an extension face shield onto the hats they were already wearing.

Within one month, Bradshaw, now the CEO of Cap Shield, designed three patent-pending clips that would hold the non-medical Cap Shield lens to any curved brim cap or visor.

To bring this passion project to life, Bradshaw bought and borrowed all sorts of baseball hats to test out prototypes. “He worked around the clock sourcing the materials for the lenses,” says Nicole Farley, director of digital marketing and public relations at Cap Shield.

Manufactured locally in Surrey, the company’s production of face shields for adults and kids is creating jobs for BC’s economy. Each Cap Shield lens is FDA-approved, crafted using durable plastic, and designed to be reused. Wearers can sanitize the surfaces daily, and if the shield becomes unusable over time, the lens and clips can be recycled.

Not only are the face shields lightweight and easy to wear, but they also don’t create the same level of warmth associated with wearing a mask due to the positioning over the face. They can be securely attached to your favourite baseball cap or visor, for protection at work or while socializing.

Giving back during this time is important to Bradshaw and his team. Cap Shield donates 10 shields for every 100 sold via the company website. To date, the company has donated to over 70 charities and not-for-profits across Canada through its Giving Back program.

“Our product was designed to help people during these very trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to be able to extend our support to charities and not-for-profits that are doing such amazing work in their communities, in spite of all the health risks during these past few months, means everything to us,” says Farley.

The messages of thanks the Cap Shield team receives from its Giving Back program recipients brighten up their days, Farley says. “We love sharing all of the heartfelt messages and pictures of smiling faces we receive from the recipients on social media as well. We feel like it’s important to share some goodness during these times.”

By supporting Cap Shield, Farley says, you are helping Canadians. This extends to helping protect and keep people safe, helping businesses and schools to reopen safely, and helping non-profit charities through the company’s donation initiative.

For a comfortable, long-term solution to help protect yourself and others during the pandemic, visit and browse the product lineup.

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