Vancouver's Dumpling King delivers handmade treats right to your door

Oct 6 2016, 5:28 am

You don’t need Drake’s hotline bling anymore because now there’s something even better – a Dumpling Hotline that you can make bling in Vancouver. 

Yes, there is an actual number that you can text when you’re craving quality handmade dumplings, and the number belongs to Matt “The Dumpling King” Murtagh-Wu. 

A few months ago Murtagh-Wu started this fresh-frozen dumpling delivery service to bring his creations straight to people’s doors. His company is formally called Murtagh-Wu 鄔, and it offers two kinds of dumplings that the chef makes within 48 hours of the initial order. The Dumpling King personally delivers his creations to customers along with simple two-step cooking instructions so they can enjoy his cuisine in the comfort of their own homes.

Murtagh-Wu 鄔, offers two kinds of dumplings: Johnnie Walker Black Pork Belly & Scallion (50 for $45 or 100 for $80), and Wu Spice Vegetarian (50 for $40 or 100 for $75). Each order has a $15 delivery fee for the Vancouver area exclusively.

Murtagh-Wu 鄔

Murtagh-Wu 鄔

Born and raised in Vancouver, Murtagh-Wu spent a ton of time in Chinatown and knows the Asian culinary scene here inside and out. Because of this he opts to use ingredients from old school, trusted businesses he used to frequent as a kid. Some of these products include Taiwanese mushroom salt, Shaoxing wine, wood ear, and sui choy.

When he’s not slaving over the dumpling pan, Murtagh-Wu travels to Southeast Asia, China, and Taiwan to study the food culture of each country in order to bring it back to Vancouver to share it with his customers.

If you’re not dumpling-obsessed yet, Murtagh-Wu has some persuasive words for you.

“Dumplings are amazing and if you don’t like them you need to change your mind.”

Spoken like a true Dumpling King.

Murtagh-Wu 鄔

Phone: 778-227-0083
Facebook: Murtagh-Wu 鄔

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